october 30th, 2020

okay here’s my “tomorrow post” that i talked about yesterday… i’m not doing too well right now tbh.

i’ve barely done any of my work for marine science or humanities all week. the amount of work i’ve gotten this week is too overwhelming, and while you may argue that “you should be doing it in class”, the amount of work that just comes in one day is honestly just too much for me. i’m also extremely tired, because of the puppies and also because i haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep since july. i honestly wanna go home and sleep for three days and cry but i can’t. mostly because i have too much stuff to do. it also sucks that i’m broke but i’m used to that anyway

in conclusion i wish i could wake up in slowtown and also that my teachers would fucking slow down for once (and i was choosing my words carefully because i’m typing this on a keylogged school computer :/)