november 24th, 2020

note: i’m writing this at 12:14am and i really need to go to bed lol

omg i’m tired because of school and work and i have a 22% in marine science but i found out i can switch it out for something else so i might be able to drop it but i have to wait until after thanksgiving break to work everything out

also i’m saving up for a new iphone lmao i wanna try getting an 11 pro max but if t-m0bile is out of stock when i go to buy it i’ll probably end up getting an 11 pro (i currently have a 7 plus and i wanna keep the similar size even though i’ll lose 3d touch 🙁 ) but i need at least $800 yikes

oh and i have a 14 hour shift on wednesday from 5pm-7am and i wonder how THAT’S going to go