april 27th, 2021

from april 9th (i was so busy this was chilling in my drafts)-

happy very late new year! a lot has happened since november, and i finally remembered the password to this website. i hit my nine months working at my job, which is the longest i’ve held any job, but i just put in my two-weeks notice in last month.

from today-

i don’t work at waffle house anymore. i miss it there believe it or not, but i don’t miss working a shift by myself with no backup. anyway, lots have happened since november, and i’m gonna start writing them out now. christmas wasn’t too exciting, other than me WORKING that same day and never getting any tips from anybody which was miserable. new years was bleh. i got a new phone and that was exciting. a month ago, in march, i got a computer FINALLY. it only took four years but i’m excited because it actually has decent specs and i can do stuff that i’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because i only have 4gb of ram and an intel celeron or only integrated graphics and just overall outdated hardware. here’s my new specs:

it came with windows 10 home, but i upgraded to education since it’s basically enterprise so i could turn off telemetry and cortana a little bit easier than normal

i also have a geforce gtx 1660 ti and i can now FINALLY play minecraft java edition at framerates that are higher than 14fps.

anyway that’s how i’ve been doing