july 19th, 2021

it’s been almost two months since graduating high school. i still don’t know how i feel about that. my orlando trip was really fun and i’d love to go on another (longer) trip with my girlfriend out of town for a while. the puerto rico trip, on the other hand, could’ve been better if i wasn’t staying with my grandmother (she doesn’t have air conditioning and some of the windows have holes big enough to let mosquitoes in the house) and i actually had money left over to spend on stuff there, especially since they use the US dollar.

speaking of money, in a previous post i talked about how i used to pay my server hosting bill two months in advance and even though i had to upgrade this server to a higher plan because of a minecraft server i still managed to get a past due bill since i literally RAN OUT of money…ugh. i find out tomorrow if i got the job at a local grocery store and i’m really excited and hopeful that it works out. i’m tired of restaurants. glad this isn’t me though