november 14th, 2021

originally (september 2nd, 2021):

i’ve officially been at my new job for three weeks(!) and lemme just say i think i’m actually really liking it and i think i’m gonna stay for a little while! school has also been in session for a bit

(and that's where my draft ended. i think i was in my living room while i wrote that and i got busy and never wrote anything otherwise.)


i’ve been at my job for three months. (jesus christ why did i take so long writing this post) i’ve had my positive and negative moments, but i’m enjoying it so far. i supposed if you looked hard enough, you could figure out where i’m working but i’m not going to ever directly name them in case i don’t get in trouble.

reminder, my opinions are my own and do not reflect that of the company of which i work for blah blah blah

anyway yeah that's been going well and i've been making hella bank [linode has been getting paid on time and i have a lot of money credited in my account just in case! :)] school is somewhat well, i dropped out of my intermediate algebra class because i was just genuinely lost and i'm not very good at math so LOL. i hope i pass enc 1101 tbh, because i've been kind of slacking off turning in essays on time because i've been working so much. i'm a part timer with on average 40 hours every week! ;(

anyway i'm very tired and honestly my mental health has basically been drowning in an acid tunnel but i've been keeping my head up because of my girlfriend, dana, and the urge to hopefully pay off all my debt lmao (applied for a credit card and am basically near my credit limit 😮)

i'm going on a cruise next january, and i'm very excited. it'll be my 3rd cruise ever, and it's on carnival like my last two. can't wait to see the caribbean and actually relax for five days 🙂