february 5th, 2022

note: i started writing this post on january 7th, but i literally wrote nothing so i decided to just rename it LOL

so lots of stuff has developed since november.

i didn’t pass enc 1101 because guess who didn’t turn assignments in on time OR late? lol. i’m in three classes now and i’m doing well in them so far, but hopefully it stays that way. we had to move my cruise to next week (the 14th) because guess who managed to catch literal covid right before we were supposed to leave? i blame my dad, first he makes me give up my dog mocha and then proceeds to give me covid because he claims he wears his mask at work but basically doesn’t wear it in public whenever we’re not around. ugh. glad i got my booster though LOL

i’ve been at my job for almost six months. oh my god i’m so tired it’s a mess especially when i’m stuck doing half the cleaning list by myself. but hey i don’t complain that much for $15.50 an hour LOL

anyway i hope stuff looks better for me in the future because it’s all going downhill from here.