june 24th, 2022

hey guys. so much has happened since the last time i wrote a post. i was at my old job for 10 months, and i left about a month ago. it was just getting too chaotic for me and it just plain sucked having to shuffle so many things at once without the correct “tools for the job.” i’m somewhere else now, and while it still sucks sometimes, at least i only have to worry about my little corner in the whole store.

again, just like last time, if you looked hard you would find my current place of employment. and just like last time, same disclaimer applies (not representing the company my thoughts are my own etc etc)

my cruise went very well! i had a lot of fun with dana and my family and we honestly had a blast. i won a free excursion to this place in puerto plata called ocean world and had an amazing time.

it’s been beyond a full year since graduating high school. i miss seeing my “friends” and other acquaintances on a daily basis. i don’t feel the same way in college. speaking of college, i’m honestly really wishing i could just drop out but there’s just too many external factors behind me being unable to do that.

last month, my mom, sister, and i made a large decision and moved out of our childhood home of 20 years. i miss my old house but i’m glad we’ve moved, even though i still haven’t unpacked my stuff. so far i’ve installed a ring doorbell and an ecobee thermostat. i’m proud of myself!!!