december 22nd, 2022

hi. i just finished working seven days straight and my feet hurt and i am so tired. LMAO. managering is tough work but i’m not gonna whine about it

i’ve decided i’m gonna take a break from college for a bit. 14 years of education straight and i’m so stressed from work it just wasn’t helping. i kept dropping and failing classes anyway, so it’s not like i can get financial aid anymore…

my girlfriend, dana, is living with me now. stuff was happening in her home and it was best if she moved in with me. i’m still getting used to it, so i’m not sure how i feel about it yet.

sometimes i feel very sad or tired and there isn’t very much i can do. i have a somewhat tolerable sleep schedule but it still isn’t enough. i wish mental health care was cheaper, but i can’t see myself paying $200+ because my parents decided my dad was gonna pay for my health insurance. i miss cigna. i hate you, uhc.

i hope christmas goes well. i have yet to get anybody presents unfortunately but i think i can figure something out.