november 6th, 2020

today was picture day at school, and i’ve never hated the encore uniform so much. first off, i haven’t been able to get a new uniform shirt since freshman year because butler/shiflet only takes orders the first week of school and i’m usually broke the first week back. what i have is a large. i wear a 2xl now. not like it matters anymore smh

but hey in about 45 minutes i’m gonna change into my tv shirt and some jeans and be so much more comfortable for my tv picture (and i’m not gonna bother putting the uniform back on for fourth period because honestly screw that lmao)

october 30th, 2020

okay here’s my “tomorrow post” that i talked about yesterday… i’m not doing too well right now tbh.

i’ve barely done any of my work for marine science or humanities all week. the amount of work i’ve gotten this week is too overwhelming, and while you may argue that “you should be doing it in class”, the amount of work that just comes in one day is honestly just too much for me. i’m also extremely tired, because of the puppies and also because i haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep since july. i honestly wanna go home and sleep for three days and cry but i can’t. mostly because i have too much stuff to do. it also sucks that i’m broke but i’m used to that anyway

in conclusion i wish i could wake up in slowtown and also that my teachers would fucking slow down for once (and i was choosing my words carefully because i’m typing this on a keylogged school computer :/)

october 29th, 2020

happy birthday me! it was thursday the 22nd but it’s okay. i turned 18 and i don’t really know how to feel about it. it’s not like i can do anything other than gamble. which is risky anyway.

anyway the puppies are really frustrating and my dad went away on a work trip for a week and it is hell right now. i’ll probably post sometime later (maybe tomorrow) about what’s actually going on with me at the moment.

october 9th, 2020

you know, i’m really tired

like. energy tired. even when i’m not at school or work i find myself busy somehow and i don’t really have any time to myself all that much. hell, i’m writing this on my iPad in the middle of math class because this is one of the few moments I have time to chill out and do something on my own…(and it’s shocking that the room is really quiet right now, because this class is normally VERY noisy and there’s a bunch of really annoying people.)

i’m working saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday and i’m not very happy about it. apparently one of the waitresses that left to work at another restaurant came back and she somehow ended up with a BUNCH of hours pushing everybody’s schedules around. no clue how that happened tbh but hey money

anyway i’m yawning right now and i won’t be shocked if something weird happens at school on monday or tuesday…i find myself falling asleep more often than normal. i have an f in marine science and a (near) perfect a in the other three classes. it’s really weird but it’s literally because she assigns like three assignments with a fuckton of questions everyday and constant virtual labs on laptop cart computers that barely work in the first place and lack Java (and a lot of the labs need Java to run)

in conclusion i need to post here more because i literally prepay the website every month for two months in case my cash stream suddenly dries up and i’m left again without a web host. i have like $38 in credit on my Linode account and a $10 plan (i had the $5 plan before but i needed more RAM)

october 7th, 2020

hey guys.. it’s been a while. i’ve been really busy with school AND work so i haven’t really been online all that much. i wish i could post here more often, but i’ve just been so tired i’m either at school, at work, or sleeping…and even when i do have a day off i’m usually dealing with dana or jessica or other people so i haven’t had a true “day off” to myself only in a good while


wordpress changed their block editor???? again???? it kinda looks ugly but pop off ig

anyway so i just decided i should host my old website on this server so i can have a silly message on it and well…it works

it was kinda pointless and i had to renew my let’s encrypt cert early so i could add it since it was complaining about https (it’s a seperate site apache wise so idk why it was bugging me??? maybe since it’s on the same server)