december 22nd, 2022

hi. i just finished working seven days straight and my feet hurt and i am so tired. LMAO. managering is tough work but i’m not gonna whine about it

i’ve decided i’m gonna take a break from college for a bit. 14 years of education straight and i’m so stressed from work it just wasn’t helping. i kept dropping and failing classes anyway, so it’s not like i can get financial aid anymore…

my girlfriend, dana, is living with me now. stuff was happening in her home and it was best if she moved in with me. i’m still getting used to it, so i’m not sure how i feel about it yet.

sometimes i feel very sad or tired and there isn’t very much i can do. i have a somewhat tolerable sleep schedule but it still isn’t enough. i wish mental health care was cheaper, but i can’t see myself paying $200+ because my parents decided my dad was gonna pay for my health insurance. i miss cigna. i hate you, uhc.

i hope christmas goes well. i have yet to get anybody presents unfortunately but i think i can figure something out.

october 25th, 2022

happy birthday orie! this is probably the most irrelevant statement of this entire post.

i’ve been at my new job almost six months now, and two months ago i was promoted to a manager position! i’m glad this opportunity happened and as a result i am now just as busy as i was at my old job but now i’m willingly doing it. school sucks and i *still* wish i could drop out but i can’t tbh. it’s been two and a half years since graduating high school and i wish i had friends LMAO.

i turned 20 years old three days ago! i’m honestly feeling way older physically at this point and there’s no saying how my mental health is going to be from here on out. i’m doing way better than i was in middle/early high school for sure. i hate being older. and bills. bills suck.

june 24th, 2022

hey guys. so much has happened since the last time i wrote a post. i was at my old job for 10 months, and i left about a month ago. it was just getting too chaotic for me and it just plain sucked having to shuffle so many things at once without the correct “tools for the job.” i’m somewhere else now, and while it still sucks sometimes, at least i only have to worry about my little corner in the whole store.

again, just like last time, if you looked hard you would find my current place of employment. and just like last time, same disclaimer applies (not representing the company my thoughts are my own etc etc)

my cruise went very well! i had a lot of fun with dana and my family and we honestly had a blast. i won a free excursion to this place in puerto plata called ocean world and had an amazing time.

it’s been beyond a full year since graduating high school. i miss seeing my “friends” and other acquaintances on a daily basis. i don’t feel the same way in college. speaking of college, i’m honestly really wishing i could just drop out but there’s just too many external factors behind me being unable to do that.

last month, my mom, sister, and i made a large decision and moved out of our childhood home of 20 years. i miss my old house but i’m glad we’ve moved, even though i still haven’t unpacked my stuff. so far i’ve installed a ring doorbell and an ecobee thermostat. i’m proud of myself!!!

february 5th, 2022

note: i started writing this post on january 7th, but i literally wrote nothing so i decided to just rename it LOL

so lots of stuff has developed since november.

i didn’t pass enc 1101 because guess who didn’t turn assignments in on time OR late? lol. i’m in three classes now and i’m doing well in them so far, but hopefully it stays that way. we had to move my cruise to next week (the 14th) because guess who managed to catch literal covid right before we were supposed to leave? i blame my dad, first he makes me give up my dog mocha and then proceeds to give me covid because he claims he wears his mask at work but basically doesn’t wear it in public whenever we’re not around. ugh. glad i got my booster though LOL

i’ve been at my job for almost six months. oh my god i’m so tired it’s a mess especially when i’m stuck doing half the cleaning list by myself. but hey i don’t complain that much for $15.50 an hour LOL

anyway i hope stuff looks better for me in the future because it’s all going downhill from here.

november 14th, 2021

originally (september 2nd, 2021):

i’ve officially been at my new job for three weeks(!) and lemme just say i think i’m actually really liking it and i think i’m gonna stay for a little while! school has also been in session for a bit

(and that's where my draft ended. i think i was in my living room while i wrote that and i got busy and never wrote anything otherwise.)


i’ve been at my job for three months. (jesus christ why did i take so long writing this post) i’ve had my positive and negative moments, but i’m enjoying it so far. i supposed if you looked hard enough, you could figure out where i’m working but i’m not going to ever directly name them in case i don’t get in trouble.

reminder, my opinions are my own and do not reflect that of the company of which i work for blah blah blah

anyway yeah that's been going well and i've been making hella bank [linode has been getting paid on time and i have a lot of money credited in my account just in case! :)] school is somewhat well, i dropped out of my intermediate algebra class because i was just genuinely lost and i'm not very good at math so LOL. i hope i pass enc 1101 tbh, because i've been kind of slacking off turning in essays on time because i've been working so much. i'm a part timer with on average 40 hours every week! ;(

anyway i'm very tired and honestly my mental health has basically been drowning in an acid tunnel but i've been keeping my head up because of my girlfriend, dana, and the urge to hopefully pay off all my debt lmao (applied for a credit card and am basically near my credit limit 😮)

i'm going on a cruise next january, and i'm very excited. it'll be my 3rd cruise ever, and it's on carnival like my last two. can't wait to see the caribbean and actually relax for five days 🙂

august 2nd, 2021

guten tag! so i finally just got hired somewhere, i’m not going to say what company it is so i don’t break some rule that i don’t know about yet. there’s a hint somewhere in this post.

anyway i start there on the 9th and school on the 16th and i’m very excited for both of these things. hopefully i won’t be so depressed (but i’m looking for therapy so things should hopefully work out soon)

i wonder what the future is going to hold for me. hopefully i can figure out what i’m gonna buy for my mother’s birthday in a couple days

july 19th, 2021

it’s been almost two months since graduating high school. i still don’t know how i feel about that. my orlando trip was really fun and i’d love to go on another (longer) trip with my girlfriend out of town for a while. the puerto rico trip, on the other hand, could’ve been better if i wasn’t staying with my grandmother (she doesn’t have air conditioning and some of the windows have holes big enough to let mosquitoes in the house) and i actually had money left over to spend on stuff there, especially since they use the US dollar.

speaking of money, in a previous post i talked about how i used to pay my server hosting bill two months in advance and even though i had to upgrade this server to a higher plan because of a minecraft server i still managed to get a past due bill since i literally RAN OUT of money…ugh. i find out tomorrow if i got the job at a local grocery store and i’m really excited and hopeful that it works out. i’m tired of restaurants. glad this isn’t me though

may 30th, 2021

last friday, the 28th, i graduated high school.

i STILL don’t know how i feel about this. i had a lot of emotions that night, especially with my parents when i gave them a hug at the end of it all.

anyway, i have no clue what i’m gonna be doing soon. i have a vacation to orlando with my girlfriend in a couple of days, and i also have a vacation to puerto rico in a few weeks after i come back from orlando.

go bears????????

april 27th, 2021

from april 9th (i was so busy this was chilling in my drafts)-

happy very late new year! a lot has happened since november, and i finally remembered the password to this website. i hit my nine months working at my job, which is the longest i’ve held any job, but i just put in my two-weeks notice in last month.

from today-

i don’t work at waffle house anymore. i miss it there believe it or not, but i don’t miss working a shift by myself with no backup. anyway, lots have happened since november, and i’m gonna start writing them out now. christmas wasn’t too exciting, other than me WORKING that same day and never getting any tips from anybody which was miserable. new years was bleh. i got a new phone and that was exciting. a month ago, in march, i got a computer FINALLY. it only took four years but i’m excited because it actually has decent specs and i can do stuff that i’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because i only have 4gb of ram and an intel celeron or only integrated graphics and just overall outdated hardware. here’s my new specs:

it came with windows 10 home, but i upgraded to education since it’s basically enterprise so i could turn off telemetry and cortana a little bit easier than normal

i also have a geforce gtx 1660 ti and i can now FINALLY play minecraft java edition at framerates that are higher than 14fps.

anyway that’s how i’ve been doing

november 24th, 2020

note: i’m writing this at 12:14am and i really need to go to bed lol

omg i’m tired because of school and work and i have a 22% in marine science but i found out i can switch it out for something else so i might be able to drop it but i have to wait until after thanksgiving break to work everything out

also i’m saving up for a new iphone lmao i wanna try getting an 11 pro max but if t-m0bile is out of stock when i go to buy it i’ll probably end up getting an 11 pro (i currently have a 7 plus and i wanna keep the similar size even though i’ll lose 3d touch 🙁 ) but i need at least $800 yikes

oh and i have a 14 hour shift on wednesday from 5pm-7am and i wonder how THAT’S going to go