day one: november 7th, 2019

sent link of this post to dana, funniness ensues

tl;dr – not a too bad day and everything was fine. i guess.

update: messing around with formatting these since this is the first time i’ve done this. sorry if it’s hard to read, especially on mobile!

woke up: this morning around 6:30am (normally i’d put times here but since this is a new thing and i decided to do this literally twenty minutes ago excuse my lack of time taking; it’s 10:30pm as i’m writing this) and nothing crazy really happened. showered, got ready for school. everything was okay i guess


  • 1st (english 3 hon) – day two of desks being reorganized and i’m slowly getting used to it… read more catcher and the rye, starting to get more interesting. jackson is starting to show his being annoyededness (that’s not a word) with this one kid in our class… everytime she makes a comment he actually just responded with “ok” just like this classic vine and i was cracking up
  • 2nd (chemistry) – played with fire. really colorful fire. and q-tips. energy/wavelength and colors basically. idk how to describe the rest of the period. dark souls iii.
  • 3rd (humanities 2 hon) – work day. laptops. mini-posters. textbook work. nothing special. i miss normal notes and don quixote. he’s the LORD OF LA MANCHA, DUDE. dark souls iii.
  • 4th (u.s. government hon) – miller’s kid has been sick for the past couple of days (i hope she’s doing better!) and because of that our discussion today was about *the affordable care act* and we talked about insurance being stupid. also. the same kid moved a desk because someone tried putting their feet up and was overall just rude and obnoxious. as per usual. dark souls iii.


  • a: two cheese sticks. potter was at an encore meeting so i locked myself in the room before she left and messed around with the settings on our new gopro, because the old one was mysteriously broken. dark souls iii.
  • before a ended: left potter’s room. went to robertson knowing she’d be at that meeting and that her room is gonna open b half
  • b half bell: meeting wasn’t over yet
  • b: she finally came out. at 12:45pm. i needed to finish her club shirts for tomorrow but she took forever. ugh. figured out why my vinyl cuts weren’t coming out right, my scissors sucked and i can’t cut in straight lines apparently. oops.

end lunch

  • 5th (tv production 3) – more b’roll project. filmed and i think i’m gonna maybe try the last day of filming to actually film (mainly because i skipped filming yesterday dealing with the gopro.) i also checked out the gopro because potter isn’t coming to work tomorrow and that’s already living proof my day is going to be hell. dark souls iii
  • 6th (math for college readiness) – notes. propel water. the fishes. nothing extra.
  • 7th (digital design 3) – finished those shirts. even ran them to classrooms. funny story, i got to the last shirt and i managed to end up in the room my girlfriend, dana, was in and was NOT expecting that at all. that made my day though, since i didn’t go to lunch with her today. 🙁 apparently an ex of one of my band friends was in there and talking shit about me but oh well??? idk man

leaving school: killed time talking to potter making last minute preparations before hell tomorrow. grabbed an sd card reader because i can’t really get my gopro footage off the card at home without one. dumbass. anyway the drive was fine and i saw the weirdest thing ever. a post office truck passing another post office truck. it was hilarious.

home, after school: eh. learned that dana was upset with me today, and i think i did a somewhat good job at helping calm her down. i still need to make it up to her. how is a good question, but i’ll think about that later. applied to some more jobs, hoping they’ll call me back. i really hope they do. dad started knocking down parts of the walls for the kitchen project starting soon, and i discovered the new appliances are coming on saturday. he also changed our air filter two months late, and i had to put up with explaining that i don’t need to “reset” the nest thermostat because he did that. it just works. decided i was gonna post to the website more often, and began writing this.

sleep: i dunno yet, debating if i should even keep this section. i’m gonna get ready for bed as soon as i’m done writing this anyway, so that’s cool.

conclusion: thanks for reading this, i guess! i hope i can keep this up. i’m trying to install the wordpress app on my phone, hoping it can detect that this is a selfhosted install, and it isn’t a blog. it’s hit or miss for me honestly.