day two: november 8th, 2019

tl;dr – good day

woke up: this morning around 6:30am. took a shower, it was actually warm today! was very surprised. 🙂 had to put on my encore uniform though, so that sucks. wish i had an officer shirt


  • 1st – took my vocab quiz. probably did bad on it, not really sure. there was a random shelter in place, and because of it picture day was pushed back a few minutes and they’re running behind.
  • 2nd – digital design club picture. took a while because that shelter in place was just random. came back and we were pasting hole puncher dots onto a paper looking like an atom or something. didn’t even start it
  • 3rd – work day part 2. remembered about encore day and jack and i worked on a google drawing as a mockup. i don’t know when we’re showing butler.
  • 4th – got called out to rip a video from comedy central for his powerpoint…thought it would be easy but i didn’t realize what was about to happen

normally lunch would be here but it’s friday and the schedule is different.

lunch: for real

  • lunch: slice of pizza. pepperoni. sat with allison and the rest of the band percussionists.. mildly intimidated by them somehow, so i was kinda uncomfortable but not by much. she kept asking if i was okay though and basically didn’t answer lol

end lunch

  • 6th – kahoot! and raffle. won a bag of chips but was instead iou’ed for tuesday. that’s fine anyway
  • 7th – got a picture of sebastian looking depressed in the rain. robertson thought it was hilarious. talked for a while about a student she had her first year of teaching and then i went to the encore picture thing in the gym.
  • the gym, for encore – frustrating. shane was getting pushy because “we were late” (it was 2pm) and apparently i’m just as tall as allison. didn’t know that lmao. anyway it took a long time to take the freaking picture and for the first time we sat down??? idk it was really weird (and oh hey i didn’t take a picture with the officers because i’m literally the irrlevant officer that never got a shirt, ha!)

leaving school: waited for jess outside the band room door. exciting. then i walked to my car, hugged dana (while she was in her jrotc uniform, which is a cardinal sin) and then we left. the drive wasn’t bad, but someone was on my ass at some point for a while apparently. thankfully they turned but i would’ve laughed if they got caught behind a school bus. they were on the verge of passing me but i sped down the road anyway. (45 in a 40, i’m not an absolute rebel y’all)

home, after school: finished typing up the rest of this, just kinda chilling on my bed. if i had a normal computer setup, or at least a webcam, i’d show you but i’m too comfortable right now to take a picture with my phone. there’s someone at the house right now planning out our flooring for the kitchen remodel it sounds like, and i hope my parents actually feed us later. lmao.

update: i don’t feel like updating this later, so i’m just ending this here. if my parents (dad) don’t scream at me later i’ll probably add a second update box thing (i like how these look???) about how that went down.

conclusion: there wasn’t a lot of dark souls iii from alex today and i was shook when i realized that